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A Nation Divided


What is "poetic license?"  Your commentaries about Donald's "cartoons" -  whimsical, satirical, political in nature - works of art that are the expression of the talent of an eclectic master artist and how he thinks and feels - please, share your thoughts and feelings . . .


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I sincerely, genuinely and honestly, wonder whether or not people have gotten it, we're at WAR.

And not just "over there".

Nope, its right here, in the goold ole USA.

Not with weapons of mass destruction in the technical sense of the word, obviously.

But spiritually, economically (this encompasses medical, social and monetary), and culturally.

The ancient class split that India experienced is now on our own doorstep.

And interestingly enough, JPMorgan/Chase is headquarted in India. What a full circle indeed.

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