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Blizzard of Fl-Oz

Blizzard_of_flozDoes anyone take a moment to focus on just one single point and wonder just how did we get into "this mess," from time to time?

I know I do.  So when I get totally frantic about one thing or another, you know what I mean, the typical problems to solve on a daily basis:  Nuclear wars and of course a nuclear holocaust; DU, depleted uranium; global warming; peak oil; total US economic collapse and global economic crash; and last but certainly not least, over population ~ I call Congressman Ron Paul's office.

Why one may wonder, is it because he is a Dr.?  His nickname in Congress is "Dr. No."

Thus, why would anyone want to call Dr. No in Congress and ask him about all the problems we are facing as a people, nation and world.  Because he has actually taken the time to educate himself as to what the current stream of life is all about and how to work at solving the problems.

Plus, he knows how, who and why "we are in this mess."


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I like to think of this piece as "The Wizard of Flaws," but I was overruled on the name.

Rich Miles did a great article on the belated awakening of the mainstream press to the perfidy and moral bankruptcy of the Bush administration. He specifically takes US News and World Report, the National Review and the Wall Street Journal to task for being unflagging Bush apologists until after the indictment of Scooter Libby, when they could no longer ignore the fact that their fearless leader is a traitor and his administration is a nest of traitors, idealogues and incompetents.

It's about time.

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