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Drunk on Power

". . And right at the top is Alan Greenspan himself, with a smile on his face, passing the bottle to Ben Bernanke . . . A kind of habitual cheating that the Romans called consuetudo fraudium crept into every transaction ~ First, the imperial money lost its value. Then, eventually, the empire itself was lost. Nero had no helicopters, but he knew Bernanke’s trick.  In AD 64, he decreed that the number of aureus coins minted from a pound of gold would increase from 41 to 45, making each coin about 10 percent less valuable; since Greenspan has been at the Fed, the red ink has gushed—to over $8 trillion; the American savings rate went negative—for the first time since the Great Depression; Eat, Drink, and Buy Merrily "The American Conservative" tells it like it is!


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Drunk on Power is an understatement.

The people who decided to invade Iraq so that they could own the oil, are all connected and have been working on the plan since the 1950s, 60s or 70s. Probably it was actually since M. King Hubbert of Shell Oil (1956) told the oil barons that it would not last forever, the black gold. Thus, they began planning and scheming, readying themselves to take over the world's largest oil fields and of course, this obviously includes the Earth, too.

No wonder Hugo Chavez got pissed off.

How many conquerors have there been throughout written history who thought they could rule the world? And it never worked out for them either.

As Alexander the Great found, there is always a race of peoples who do not want to be the victims of an ego maniac or their band of slobbering genocide maniacs.

So, George W. Bush is fed a hook which he swallows, line and sinker and thinks he can be the President of the greatest country on the planet. He had absolutely no idea of how to be a great man because he has always relied on someone else in his life to think for him. His brain stopped being functional, probably not long after he was born. But he was spoon fed the belief that he is special, privileged.

And so here we are, December 2005, and a war in Iraq is killing many innocent peoples and our own troops are being sacrificed for the rich kid to get whatever he wants as though it is his entitlement.

Our entire country watches as these predators rob the US treasury to finance their private agendas to be the owners of the richest oil field(s) in the world.

These insane rulers think it is a small sacrifice for Americans to make, temporarily, to own the oil fields and then to be in control of the whole planet and all the other peoples.

They didn't bother to ask US if this is ok with "we the people", and they didn't bother to ask other countries and peoples if they agreed with the plan of these self entitled narcissists.

This "League of Evil Gentlemen" have been up to absolutely nothing humanitarian, for more than three decades. As a matter of fact they have been getting away with murder, so to speak, for a long time. They have made certain that men of sincere power who could have stopped them, no longer pose a threat.

Paul Wellstone comes to mind and so does John F. Kennedy, Jr. Those are just contemporary names that people consider household.

Bush is now coming out and talking about Iraq's "economy" and how we must help them set up their economic foundation for their new democracy.

What a crock of shit. Are we going to give them the nine billion that the US stole from their treasury? Or, are we going to leave them alone and give them the full ownership of their oil fields?

I just can't believe these lunatics are continuing to get away with this proven fascist scheme. Their neglect of our own country (New Orleans) is a war on our own people and murder has been committed, blatantly and without a twitch from our media.

The media in the United States is an accomplice to this government's murderous war mongering.

This government is guilty of crimes of war, here and everywhere that they sneak into by the pretense of the World Bank’s ‘humanitarian outreach’. This is our sickest secret.

Paul Wolfowitz, now head of the World Bank and still one of the godfathers of the Iraq invasion and he is capable of doing good deeds! I don’t think so.

He is waiting for the war to die down (what an oxymoron) so the World Bank can go in and loan the Iraqi peoples billions of dollars to rebuild their country that we destroyed!

To call them hypocrites is to damn them with faint praise.

Beware of wolves in sheep’s clothing.

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