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Hubbert's Peak


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". . This brings us to the point of understanding the real reason for US invasion of Iraq. Saddam’s selling of Iraq’s oil in the Euro (as of 2000) was more of an explosive threat to US interests than any WMDs so far found in Iraq by George Bush. If not by political persuasion for continued Iraqi oil sales in the US dollar, then by invasion to finally fix the problem. Consider the precipitous impact on the US economy when petrodollars rapidly cease to subsidise US living standards. The Bush administration perceived this threat as requiring the alternative to political resolution – military action - as Saddam was resolved and not playing according to US rules. There are subsidiary other reasons as well: (1) muscle flexing of the sole superpower (2) placating and enhancing regional cooperation with Israel (3) reshaping the Middle East into a sphere of US hegemony under the guise of promoting “democracy” (4) pursuing a personal agenda of revenge against Saddam’s misdeed of trying to kill Daddy Bush (5) muscle flexing by Jr. by finishing what Daddy Bush had commenced in Gulf War 1 and going all the way to dominating Iraq (6) following Project for the New American Century ( PNAC) recommendations and translating neo-conservative thoughts into action . . continued ~


The cloak and dagger routine used by Bush, et al is not working for them.

I am trying to figure out which one had the hair brained idea(s): "Full or Total Spectrum Dominance"; "Transitional Democracies"; "Free Market"; the buzz words just never end and they are all completely insane, just like every other lunatic conqueror.

Unfortunately once we discovered the power of oil, rather than use our ingenuity to create energy self reliance from the sun, wind, water, and other elements of sustainability, we chose weaponry.

Why? Because Preston Bush was involved and he saw the global domination potential and he could not help his nature of the predator.

"The apple does not fall far from the tree".

Once upon a time the United States of America was a country with a lot of money but we did not take care of our assets and they were all gone within a short period of time. Therefore, by the time the dollar was fully detached from the gold standard, we were broke ~ bankrupt.

The only way we could keep our economy afloat was to attach oil to our dollar. Meaning, that all transactions for oil, globally, was conducted in US dollars.

This was a brilliant move in the 1970s, when we experienced our own US peaking of oil.

But unfortunately we did not have intelligent financial advisors or economists in charge. We had foxes guarding the hen house and the current situation is one of complete corruption.

How do we take an economy that is 90% military and keep our US economy "healthy" when it is already on a life support system?

Without oil the weaponry is useless and the leaders of the other countries we want to be the Empire of, know this.

"You can fool some of the people . . ."

Thus, here we stand on the threshold of the future of our planet Earth, and our United States of America and ask the question: How did we get here and more importantly, how the hell do we solve this problem with sophisticated minds when the controlling brain power is 100% evil!

"A Century of War Anglo-American Oil Politics and the New World Order".

It is the history of this Century we have just completed and how it really is with our US "democracy".


I find it of great interest, that this current body of political racketeering thugs, have not used their typical - slime leading the blind, fear monger tactics, to win their global domination control - and it is, all about Hubbert's Peak.

There is not, any more perfect metaphor, for their riddled with terror agenda, to run their poison worm-tongue platform on, than the end of the oil age and what it means to our modern way of life.

However, there is hope on the horizon, I hope.


November 23, 2005


This is how you can tell when something is the truth, or not, with this band of idiots.

The only thing they are smart enough to know, is how to NOT tell the people the genuine truth.

"Smoking gun in the form of a mushroom cloud."

How embarrassing this phraseology is, for US, to have bowed down to, and worshiped, its authors.

The only smoking gun in the form of a real true mushroom cloud is US destroying our sustainable life form, Earth.

Unfortunately, this is reality.


The Bush-Rove-Cheney-Libby-Rumsfeld-Ashcroft-Rice-et al, "League of Evil Gentlemen" would be using Peak Oil, if it would benefit them to do so.

This is our clue. Wake-up America!

I believe, once enough people (the "Hundredth Monkey Theory") wake up and realize, this is not just a maybe concept, it is a reality, our corrupted governments shall be history.

Our encompassing structures of social systems, on the entire planet, are failing.

The planet is over-populated. We have two-thirds too many homo-sapiens and we are destroying the planet's resources and certainly its incredible magnificence.

We are rapidly destroying ourselves and our planet Earth.

Earth is not a big stupid ball. She is a highly intelligent being and she is fed up with our species behaving as though it is we, who are HER, task masters.

Ignorance is NOT bliss!

Even if Peak Oil is not going to occur like it is predicted to, our brain should click into awake and aware and realize this insanity of abusing our every resource must stop.


Colin Campbell is no one's fool and we had best be listening to what he is saying.


Check out the third column of "Suggested Reading"

I think that once we become self-reliant, we can evolve into a new level of individual, small community, power.

Small, medium, large - all and every - government will have no other choice than to either evolve or dissolve.

We will not need them, they will need us.

Maybe we can get them to pay us for not needing them. Now wouldn't that be an interesting "turnabout is fair play."

The more quickly we move into a renewable - self-sufficient, energy-efficient, and self-reliant - reality, the quicker we free ourselves from the biggest corruption, BIG OIL.

The practice of conservation and being in harmony with nature, environmentally conscious, is what we need to be focusing on. This distraction that the "neo-cons" and other idiots spoon feed us, is a giant pain in the ass and a deplorable waste of time.

Call it like it is, an ADDICTION TO OIL.

"Time nor tide wait for no man."

Those who are passionate about life and this planet must stay centered in the now and get ready for the future.

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