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"Mother Earth has developed a fever to rid herself of an infection."

Imagine this to be only one small reality, when the Tsunamis roar and rear their ugly heads to cleanse the Earth of its devils, that have names, which are spoken in the silent places of time.

See this truth in the mind's eye, as hurricanes whose names are American-based, wipe out the Southern United States's costal lands.

Hear the cries of human beings, as they writhe and wander in a nightmare of poverty, with only the hope of despair.

Feel the ice caps melting and turning the eco-system, Mother Earth, into an imbalanced planet that only historical records can point to and the case is closed, global warming or call it devolution.

Dark night of the soul, born with the wound, I am not worthy.

Add these natural disasters together with the human experience of the forever known and unknown, and you get the formula of a mother who has lost her child in a war.

This is especially true when it is an illegal war that a group of “Vulcans” decided to create to satisfy their own sick personas!

Once upon a time the women of Greece withheld sex as the tool to get the men to stop warring.

I think all the women on this planet should stop having sex with the men until they stop their addiction to war.

Of course, this does not mean that all men want war and I certainly do not mean to suggest that all men need war as an incentive to be a man.

It is just an idea that once worked.

And, for women who birth children, it once offered the hope that something can stop the insanity - bringing a child into this world, to experience a grief that is a living form of death in every moment for the rest of the Mother's life - of the unnatural killing of their offspring, in war.

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