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Dance of the Elephant


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Barbara Tuchman, in "A Distant Mirror," mentioned one of the Philips of Spain, about whom it was said (and I am paraphrasing) that no failure of his policy could dissuade him from believing in its essential excellence.

That puts me in mind of George W. Bush.  The internet is just chockful of revelations about the failures of Bush's policies.  There is a short, concise list in an article on Huffpo and a rather larger one compiled by the Center for American Progress.

My belief is that Bush is really just a talking head, who will blithely peddle any reactionary nonsense suggested to him by Karl Rove, Richard Cheney or any of the other war monger criminals with whom he has surrounded himself.  As shallow as he is, however, I think that George Bush is actually persuaded to believe the claptrap he is spewing.  Much of fundamental attitude, of course, he learned at his mother's knee.  However, considering his ability to convince large segments of the American public that he can do no wrong, his sincerity makes him doubly dangerous.

And the elephant dances on!



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The Rogue Elephant.

Hmm, it bugs me to see that the Republican Party is represented by the Elephant.

I hate to admit this to anyone, in writing.

And so here goes with reckless abandon - I honestly thought that the Donkey was the Republican Party animal. And, it made perfect sense to me because it is an ASS and stubborn, plus other definitive characteristics of an ASS.

It wasn't until I woke up to the fact that GWB was actually the President of the United States of America, in 2000, that I became aware of the party animals's affiliation.

I swear I couldn't believe it was true. On both counts - GWB and he was an Elephant, "GOP." Boooooo!!! Boooooo!!!

Interestingly, one would think the disappearance into a fog may be more appropriate. But no, I sat bolt upright in bed, so to speak, and awakened from a very bad dream.

George Walker Bush, "Junior" was and is, the President of the United States of America and he is genuinely a madman.

I guess he should be called "God's Madman."

He thinks he is filled with the holy spirit and that God appears to him in the sign of a burning bush. Well, at least God appears to him and tells him what to do.

We must weave humor into this web of darkness. It is the lighter side of the dark, dark humor perhaps, that alchemys the "darkening of the light."

Some have called it "fight fire with fire."

I dunno. But what I do know is that I both hate and love these times.

The heavy energy everywhere, in every living creature and throughout every wave frequency that exists in time and space.

Dense, coarse, gross energy. Like quicksand.

Anyway, off on a tangent here so I'll reel myself back in and stick to the point.

If the idea about the pearl being created by the sand in the oyster, then GWB is an irritant that goes beyond the boundaries.

The Universe had best put itself into check with this natural and unnatural disaster, and reel itself back in, goddamnit.

We are pearls for godsake. We know we're pearls and so we demand the sand to

". . out out. "

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