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Water Closet Elephant


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I agree with this, MB, but I don't know why I do.

One part of me believes it is the best thing to allow this bone (abortion) that these pit bulls (Republicans) want to scrap over, to be freely released and give that dog its bone.

Although, it will find cause to jump on the dog pile and be top dog, again and again. Who knows what it will find to scrap over.

It is a "hungry ghost."

In Buddhism these people are believed to never have enough because inside them where their soul is supposedly found, there is only a great gaping emptiness, a wound of the soul and it screams inside their black hole of despair “I am not worthy.”

This kind of sick human being cannot be cured by anything or anyone but their own personal self and that cosmic enema reality is NOT what most people want to face, let alone do the intense never-ending work to heal.

These people who call themselves Republicans, for example - Ann Coulter, are not really interested in any kind of human reality or they would get that this planet’s biggest problem is not Roe vs. Wade for Christsake.


Thus, to overturn Roe vs. Wade, so more people can breed and birth more homo-sapiens and then what? We get to experience overpopulation at critical mass!

We do not need to move into an even further state of self-destruction. It becomes the same kind of situation that can be observed in too many rats in a cage. Rats eat their young once there are too many of them in the cage together.

Just what in the hell are these ignorant, backwards, blind and deaf by their own choice, “right to lifers” thinking, or not thinking - I should say.

I wish - be wary of wishful thinking - that this universe was and is not so unconditional.

Then, all the fundamentalist loonies, racist bufoons, greedy fools, sexist retards, and other garden varieties of ignoramuses could be lifted up into a rapture that aborts them into oblivion.

My mother taught me that abortion is a right action for a woman who defines the boundary of her own body. She had an abortion in 1949, a year after I was born. She did not want another child, not even 25 years old herself and already three children. Thus, my paternal grandmother, my mother’s own mother-in-law, 20 years her senior, took her to get an abortion. My father was the father of that pregnancy.

Abortion was not legal at that time, but it didn’t matter. There was still abortion and women who were smart enough to not just pop endless numbers of babies from their wombs, found the doctors who also understood to many children was not and is still not, the most intelligent choice for our bodies or our species.

Ruth Barnett, an abortionist in Portland, Oregon, between 1918 and 1968. A woman who performed abortions in the Portland area during the dark days of illegal abortion. She did time over and over again for providing abortion to women. She did not stop helping women regardless of the sentencing to prison she suffered through because she had witnessed far too many women coming to her that had either tried to abort the fetus with a coat hanger themself, or some hack back alley malpractice doctor, did a bad D&C, causing the woman’s womb to be an infected wound that was killing her.

I feel the same way about this nonsense as I do about homosexuality. I cannot believe we are even considering these past hurdles to jump over again.

A Supreme Court opinion overturning Woe v. Wade is the best thing that could happen.

Abortion has been the issue from heaven for the republican party. That party is so embedded as "pro-lfe" that it will be impossible for incumbents and a Presidential candidate to change their opposition to abortion. And they are going to want to.

Abortion is a big time losing issue for neo-cons caught in a trap of their own making.

Ever since the opinion was handed down polling numbers have remained virtually unchanged. Americans, by huge majorities favor legal and safe abortions.

There is a strong and vocal minority for whom abortion is THE issue. They have done a good job of keeping it in the center of national discussion. BUT ... and it's a big but.

Republican rhetoric on abortion has been free. They profess and they promise and they have never delivered one thing. Usually in politics that would spell doom. But Roe vs. Wade has provided them with all the political cover they could ask for. Year after year they fail to deliver to their constituency and year after year they can blame the Supreme Court. They pander to a minority, take their money and use the most retrograde language. But they do nothing.

To take abortion out of that arena and put it to an electoral test is a doomsday scenario for the republican party. It is an organizing dream for progressives. It has the potential to turn the neo-cons out of office like no other.

Millions of young men and woman have come to maturity in the knowledge that abortion is available. When it is not they are going to have to think, perhaps for the first time, just what that means.

I cannot imagine the Roves of the world ever wanting to take their abortion position to the voters. Even in states like Texas polling shows "landslide" margins in favor of abortion rights.

I hope the Court does not overturn Roe v. Wade. But if it does be comforted by knowing that it is the last thing the republican party wants to happen.

This is a fight we can win. If we have to fight it do it in good cheer.

A classic case of a pitard hoisting its creator.


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