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Until the time, that sentient beings become sentient, there will be a continuum of word army slaughter, marching around inside everyone's head and this gibberish of cognitive dissonance rhetoric shall cloak the reality of murder and call itself "war" - why would any human being condone a war that is mass murder? Because, humans who operate from the reptilian part of the brain, the place where one is stuck in "fight/flight" are barbaric. And, as long as sentient beings share the planet with those who want to continue being Neanderthals, a sub-species of Homo-sapiens, we're in serious trouble.

The 'people' that ignore our two-thirds too many, 'people' on the planet are brain dead, really. Sadly, Easter Island didn't teach us what we need to understand. Yes, Iraq was meant to be a life saver, for the blue blood wannabes, the elite who follow Ayn Rand's "objectivism" which is our US economic policy, for a long, long time now.

Follow the money. It answers all the questions, unfortunately.

Begin a conservation routine: Harvest rain, solar, wind, H2O, get off the grid. Without this energy self-reliance awareness, wars are inevitable and the potential annihilation of all life on the horizon, seemingly, absolute.

And, this is probably an understatement, when examining the critical mass of ignorance we're experiencing.

Natural resource energy wanes and China grows. The US becomes more and more in debt to China; and, a sentient being can't possibly entertain the notion that China shall acquiesce, once the black gold dwindles into fewer and fewer drops. The cost to refine the very crude is too exorbitant.

M. King Hubbert warned us as early as 1955. We're thirty to fifty years, too late. Ronald Coase tipped our economic landscape in 1960, into privatization. Unfortunately, once this happened the sane economic policies of Pigou and Marshall were lost in history. Reaganomics and the "trickle down supply-sided" theory was really all about Greenspan's lack of education in economics and therefore, his policies mirrored his mentor, Ayn.

We're enmeshed in the quicksand of an economic policy, which has clearly broken our democracy with a privatization formula that gives to the rich and obviously dispenses with all disposable commodities - New Orleans (thus, why would the super rich elite concern themselves with a body count in a war?). And, inevitably, destruction of all but a certain number of poverty level slaves, to serve the elite, is what's typical, normal, necessary, standard.

The absence of conservation, environmentalism, ecological intelligence, and energy self-reliance, dictates our fate as a species and it spells doomed. A political utopia can't be created to fix the current situation - it is all about each and every individual getting conscious about US being only 5% of the population of the planet Earth and abusing 25% of the natural resources.

Gluttony is not a positive virtue.

Therefore, STOP the madness and bring US together as a species, NOT a smokescreen dividing US politically, because this insanity definitely drives all the necessary nails into our Homo-sapiens coffin. Left, right, black, white, male, female, young, old, rich, poor, there will be NO distinction when the world runs dry of oil.

Pay attention to 2008, 2010 and study Colin Campbell ASPO.

Loofah O'Reilly is a blue blood wannabe in the highest order of that stupidity.

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