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Roberta Kelly

Ok folks, here it is - the true blue leader for US to wake up to; and, we can become the Americans who govern our selves through conscious awareness about economics and politics, in the 21st Century.

This is a mandatory requirement because without it, we're sheep shuffling off to be slaughterd.

Jonathan Tasini


"They Get Cake, We Eat Crumbs"

(Excerpt of chapter in book)

Interest Rates: The Rich Always Win --

"The most important political figure in your life may not be the president of the United States or the chief justice of the Supreme Court. It's probably Alan Greenspan, the head of the Federal Reserve Board. Greenspan is the person most responsible for setting the level of interest rates. Since we all need to borrow money from time to time, Greenspan is almost always inside our pocket book, deciding whether we can afford to send our kids to college, buy a house or a car, or pay off our credit card debt."

Get the book and follow the advice on how to create our own reality, with respect to our money and life as United States citizens.




Yesterday, November 1, 2005, the Feds elected to raise the rate that the banks charge each other to borrow money. Otherwise known as the "Feds Funds Rate," or "Prime."

Today the Prime Rate is 4%, which means the ordinary citizen is paying 7%. The rumor is Prime will be raised to 8%. This is probably the highest the Feds will push it, since the last time they raised the Prime Rate to 9.5%, the recession of 2000-01, was our end result. We have not recovered from the recession, although according to the current Administration, we have.

Prime used to be 2% above the Feds Fund Rate, but somehow, one day, who knows how or when, really, the Feds raised Prime to be 3% above the Feds Funds Rate.

Supposedly, raising the Prime Rate is to fight inflation. What a sick joke. Which inflation? The cost of gasoline, food, clothing, automobiles, OIL?

Do you think maybe it is about the OIL?????

How ridiculous do these people believe that we, the "masses," are!

Let's see now, it was MBNA who contributed huge sums of money to GWB's campaign. Maybe, just maybe, it is about paying back those contributions.

After all, it is the credit card companies who get to rake in record profits. They have not only raised their interest rates to record Robber Baron times (32%), but have also upped the ante on the payments from 1% to 3 and 4 percent. Now this is inflation for sure, but it is the credit card companies who are inflating their profits.

Finally, it is the credit card companies, banks and financial institutions, who basically created the new bankruptcy law, which clearly cannibalizes the average American.

The Prime Rate is NOT about mortgage rates other than the second mortgage HELOCs (Home Equity Lines of Credit). These LOCs (Lines of Credit) have been saving many people's financial needs, necessities, and yes, even the enjoyment of living a luxury such as using the "Line" to go to school.

Aegis New America is a lender whose corporate office is in Texas. The owner of "New America" is a personal friend of GWB. Now, do you think, perhaps, raising the Prime Rate may benefit this second mortgage lender? Another little side bar about this whole operation, regarding New America, is how difficult it is to get this second mortgage lender off one's title, once they have attached a trustee lien, for their HELOC.

I know, I know, people do spend money like it is water and this is not a conservation of energy and conserving energy in every form is what we must, as Americans, do - not tomorrow, but right now - in order to stop causing America to be only 5% of the population using 25% of the Earth's resources.

However, I cannot help but wonder what tax revenue Big Oil is paying to curb THEIR inflationary spending.

Peak Oil = Reality Enema and our $$ should be spent getting our homes and businesses energy efficient, not paying back GWBs campaign contributions in Robber Baron style, at the cost of the average American.

AMERICANS - get out your pens, pencils, or whatever you write with and send a letter, postcards, or any form of snail mail documentation to every Senator, Congressman, and other "Political" entities who represents our interests and DEMAND that the Feds do NOT raise the Prime Rate. Let these institutions know we are NOT STUPID enough to believe that raising the rate by which the banks charge each other to borrow money, is about OUR inflation!


I think the horror is more attributable to predatory, anti-human classism. Combine this with institutionalized, abject poverty and a national government that is in the hands of warmongers, corporate toadies, profiteers and moonies.

Sivia Kaye

Try not to be so so angry. We DO live in a great country, after all. We have freedom to choose our religious preference (or deny it altogether); to choose our vocation, (if we can afford the training); our neighborhood (if we can afford the rent); and our friends.. perhpas most impornat of all.

As I see it money --or lack of it-- governs most of our choices. I would not have met you if you did not own a car (we met in DMV). This lack of an auto is what I think was major contributing factor to New Orleans horror.

Huntley, the historian, is there this AM, and I am eager to read what he says about the situation from an historical perspective. skk

Randy Ranson

In the history of Mankind no generation on earth has been so gifted to have the intellectual properties made available to do great works that could enhance the lives on this planet. There is an abundance of energy and capital, the likes that have never been seen before, ready to propel activities of regeneration and well being for all nations. Instead we have plunder, tyranny, starvation, war, disease and pestilence, not forgetting the miscreants, enforcing their mischievous ways on the good citizens, who for the most part, abide by the law, and expect good conduct from their elected officials who have been entrusted into office. It is not good enough, that they have been blessed by the public to govern from these exalted responsible positions of power, they lie back to the voters, they spend their hard earned and taxed capital on policies and projects never discussed with the electorate, they head into pre-emptive war, using all of the good peoples money on military hardware, to make other peoples lives miserable and full of sorrow, at the same time planting seeds of hatred, that will run generations, in the aeons of time. These policies, of heartbreak, are sure to make America swell their hearts with honour and pride. The monumental statues of financial waste that they are building, will leave a legacy of debt to the children of our children, fostering a resentment towards the previous generation for allowing this irresponsible madness to continue on unchecked. Hurt and pain, are the chief proponents of the fatalist crowd that is attending to the affairs of state right now. America is greater than its leaders, in fact America is greater than the people living in it. The beautiful mountains, strip mined, the pristine pure rivers and lakes polluted to the point of affect on the water life below. The forests and the wheat fields, cut and poisoned, affected cattle, and diminished wildlife. Extinction, without concern or consideration. People begging, not for themselves but for their children, to be able to eat any crumbs thrown at them, from the food dressing the tables of the haves, they are the real have not's, completely ignored, by media moguls still feasting at the trough. Africa, India and Pakistan hard pressed territories, where assistance seems never to arrive. India although, is showing signs of development, hopefully this trend will continue on into the future. The picture painted is bleak, with darkness in most of the canvas, yet, there is a spirit, a yellow white and soft blue colour that can't be suppressed, by the folly of the present leaders in positions of power, who at present control by force our destiny, they will be subdued by the better nature of those who bring their good kind works and talents forward to shine a light on and expose this depressing conduct, to make changes that are proper and befitting of the spirit of the writers of the Constitution and the Declaration of Independence, they shall harbour a reawakening, that will reflect the better nature of the American people. The world needs you, as you need yourselves for the task ahead. It is my prayer that America is up to this task, and that we can see from this generation some positive, productive and creative development to affect the changes of tomorrow's outcome. God knows, these changes are needed now.

Roberta Kelly

This comment is about "Bird of Prey" or otherwise known as Alan Greenspan - the second biggest liar is Paul Volcker - but, both are the true terrorists of the American Dream. Read "Greenspan's Fraud," and "Secrets of the Temple."

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