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Roberta Kelly

Here we are, it is 2006 and March is the date that the US intends to use nuclear weapons in their "war on terrorism."

This means, clearly, we are in a place where human choices can make or break the future survival of our species.

The links in this post are imperative for every American to read, and the links in this web blog connect most of the dots.


The multinational corporations have decided that it is better/cheaper/easier/safer and/or more cost effective to buy politicians than it is to pay taxes and support social services. They may be correct; they are not doing badly at present.

These entities are assisted in their efforts by people like Alan Greenspan. To call him a quisling is to damn him with faint praise.

Roberta Kelly

This brown paper bag filled with hot air, deserves to reincarnate as one of the have nots in his mentor's books.

"She's not necessarily a household name like Britney Spears, yet her writings have had an immeasurable impact on philosophy and politics, particularly on the Right. Her writings have been credited with influencing conservative folk heroes such as Rush Limbaugh, Alan Greenspan, Clarence Thomas, and Tammy Bruce. Her ideas helped set the tone for the coming right-wing revolutions of Barry Goldwater and Ronald Reagan. Born one hundred years ago on February 2, 1905, she witnessed totalitarian brutality from birth in czarist Russia and personally witnessed the Leninist revolutions of 1917 from her St. Petersburg apartment. After escaping to the United States in 1926, she dedicated her life to fighting collectivism. Her name is Ayn (rhymes with "fine") Rand?

Rand called herself a "Novelist-Philosopher" and made her impact with her landmark books, The Fountainhead and Atlas Shrugged. In each work and in her nonfiction works that followed, she laid out her philosophy of Objectivism that stressed reason, freedom, and human greatness. In the former, a brilliant architect's vision of the perfect building is stifled by the status quo who shun his creativity and want him to build a design that mimics everyone else's. His response? He burnt the building to the ground. Atlas Shrugged is much more complex story, where the "movers of the world," or the richest, most creative and brilliant minds on Earth, tired of being exploited by the government, retreat from society and create their own capitalist utopia. Not surprisingly, as a result, the world descends into chaos. Of course, I'm simplifying 2500 pages with two sentences, but it wasn't her stories that make Rand so famous, but her larger-than-life characters that stirred our hearts and minds. Her ideas opened up possibilities that opened the universe to us. But most important, she wrote of human beings, not as we usually are, but as heroic individuals that we could be and should be."


How insane is this! Greenspan making economic policy without a pedigree to do so. And, financial decisions based on novels by Ayn Rand!

"Secrets of the Temple" williamgreider.com

A complex page turner.

I was one of the mass idiots, until I read this book.

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