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The time has come for all human beings to wake the hell up and realize that no one is doing anything to us. We do it to ourselves. There is an all powerful force which no word can define and that's why there are so many words for this indescribable force of power. The force can be called a zillion names but it will never be a human being that can perform miracles or answer prayers of flesh bound nonsense. The force is unconditional energy or some name it "unbridled" and this simply means it could be the greatest of all chaos and it could very well be the purpose of "higher life forms" on the planet Earth to bring this into some kind of order. In other words, the job of the human being may be to create order out of chaos.

I sincerely doubt it's the other way around - chaos from order - this would assume that the co-creators believe they are GOD or Gods.

Therefore it is very important to look at how the OGREs have only created more chaos in the world since the beginning of their brain dead notion of OneWorldGovernment, GlobalOneworldDictatorship or total debt slavery for all humans so the OGREs could live FREE!

The OGREs' plan was dead on delivery because it goes against every fiber of the universe in its teaching about BALANCE.

It's not that difficult to look at the "fruits" of the labors of the OGREs and see that their time has defintely come to be fired as the Global Oneworld Dictators of planet Earth.

OGREs are not qualifed to be GODs. Period.

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