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Dental Carrollton

Former Vice President Dick Cheney warned that there is a “high probability” that terrorists will attempt a catastrophic nuclear or biological attack in coming years, and said he fears the Obama administration’s policies will make it more likely the attempt will succeed.



michael bailey

Although not ready to believe that aliens have taken over the planet I am less skeptical then I once was.

It is hard for me to actually imagine that there is a national debate underway concerning the official use of torture by the United States of America.

In the now dead, old Republic of my youth, such a thing would be unthinkable.

It is so far beyond dispicable that, for once, I am at a loss for words.

Maybe I should rethink the aliens taking over theory. This is not the America I know, or knew.


cheney cheney bo baney, banana fanana fo feney, fe fi mo MANIAC, cheney

Let's see now . . .

Bush wanted to be written about in history, as a great president rather than a prodigal son who never found his way home, because he was too doped up with varying kinds of substances, including, but not limited to, fake religion.

Cheney wanted to go to war in Iraq and finish what didn't get done in Vietnam and the Gulf War, I guess.

He is the classic greed monger.

Lynn Cheney was the baton twirling center of attention and ole boyfriend Dick simply put the ends of her batons out by dunking them in water, after her performance. (Lynn set the ends of her batons on fire for her high school cheerleading performances.) This was in their Wyoming high school, where they became “sweethearts.”

Dick couldn't cut it in the "Ivy League" institutions. Therefore, he finished his university studies in Wyoming.

Not that this is a big deal, ivy league isn't really the issue. After all, GWB graduated from Harvard, with an MBA! How shameful of Harvard to graduate GWB with "gentlemen Cs." Disgusting.

The issue is obvious. Dick Cheney is a gluttonous, slimy, self-entitled narcissist.

Should we accept that other wisdom in other cultures mean something, then we have to look at the fact that Dick Cheney has no heart, really. How many heart by-pass surgeries? Four, I do believe.

In the Eastern philosophies, the heart center or "chakra" is about the virtues of compassion, patience, unconditional love, happiness, peace and understanding.

The opposite corrupted anti-virtues are hate, hastiness, impatience, judgment, greed, violence, rage and an explosive temperament.

The legs are considered to be, a human beings's "second heart."

2005: Cheney recently underwent surgery in both his legs because anurysims were found behind each knee.

Thus, Cheney's heart in his chest and in his legs, is failing his physical body and therefore, his life energy is diminishing with every breath he takes. He is a walking time bomb, treading on borrowed time.

He is a maniac who can relate to nothing except his own evil and this is his god. Until he destroys his own life and the reputation of his family name, in its entirety, he will not be satisfied. His distorted and corrupted brain waves have short-circuited his bond with humanity. The disconnect was established so long ago, that he doesn't even recall - once upon a time he was really a member of our species, homo-sapiens.

The question is, should we pity him?

The answer is, yes and no.

Just like we all do, Dick also had a choice. As a matter of fact, he has had many choices, as do we all.

Dick chose to be who and what he is. He didn't get it, this life time, and maybe he has never gotten it, in past life times.

I dunno. I do know, however, Dick's soul is reflected in his face. Or, should I say, the Chinese who believe in face reading believe his spirit shines in his facial reflection.

Scary Dick. He seems to like this persona. Anytime he appears or speaks his face reflects the evil of his spirit, the corrupted and distorted truth of Dick.

The Sumerians who were greater carvers of stone, than even the Egyptians (art history depicts the Egyptians learned art from the Sumerians). Anyway, the Sumerians carved sculptures and statues and the eyes of their art forms were always formed as large, spookily all-seeing.

They said: “The eyes are the windows of the soul."

When I look at Dick Cheney, at and into his eyes, I see this reptile-like alien that appears to be possessing a very ugly human white man body. I wonder if the conspiracy theories about aliens taking over our planet are real.

Just kidding, of course.

No, no such luck as to an alien taking over the body of poor Dick.

He is responsible for all his choices and the one he made to commit mass murder for oil, is one he will dearly repay, and who knows, perhaps his debt shall be paid back into eternity.

Lu Tung Ping - written about in ancient Chinese literature - a divine immortal. One of the very important of the Eight Divine Immortals. Supposedly, (pronounced Lou Dong Bing), stopped the holocaust and took all the demons and evil spirits of the holocaust (this no doubt included Hitler himself), and put them into jars which float endlessly in the void of infinity. Master Lu, is said to watch over all these demons and evil spirits, to this day, and forever throughout the alpha and omega.

In the event Lu Tung Ping is real, I call upon him to put Dick Cheney into a jar and keep it there forever, and ever after and then some.

In the event Lu Tung Ping is not real, then I call upon all the powers of this universe and all universes known and unknown, to call upon Dick Cheney to judge his own self and all his actions, and recycle his energy, right now.

After all, compost is compost. Good virtues need the manure of negative energy to grow some more good.

This feels like pity to me, just and fair, composting negative energy into its positive counterpart.

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